What Is the Agong’s Birthday in Malaysia All About?

Agong’s Birthday The Agong’s birthday in Malaysia is a national public holiday. In 2020, Yang di-Pertuan’s birthday was changed to 8 June 2020 instead of 6 June 2020.

In Malaysia, the King is known as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong. When it is the King’s birthday, the entire country celebrates it with a nationwide public holiday.

The birthday of the Yang di-Pertuan is one of the country’s biggest and grandest celebrations of the year.


How the Agong’s Birthday in Malaysia is Celebrated

The celebrations begin in the morning, with the Yang di-Pertuan giving a speech. The speech will take place in Agong’s throne room. He usually addresses several issues during his speech. This includes global crisis, politics, and the various challenges faced by the country. Everyone in the country also can see Agong’s speech on national tv.


Things to Do During the Agong’s Birthday in Malaysia

There are a lot of things to do during a public holiday in Malaysia. While some may prefer to spend the day at home relaxing with friends or family, others like to head out to the town. If you’re around the Merdeka Square area, you can catch the parade since it is open to the public.


Venues and Special Events for Celebrating the Agong’s Birthday in Malaysia

The Istana Negara is the most popular location for the celebration. The Istana Negara is located in Kuala Lumpur. In that venue, the Agong holds a ceremony that honours various honourable local citizens. Those attending the ceremony will be required to wear formal attire since it is a formal occasion.

They give Medals and ribbons to Malaysians who have undertaken impressive and commendable deeds during the year. The most common awards are often given out for those who have acted with extreme kindness and heroism. Members of the royal family will be in attendance during the ceremony and government and diplomatic officials.

A special event that takes place on this day is Trooping the Colour. This massive parade involves the military, and it happens at Merdeka Square. This parade involves entry-level military officials honouring the Agong on his birthday. Aircraft, marching bands, vehicles, the infantry and officers will all be part of this celebration.

The parade is one of the highlights of the year, with more than 3,000 attended it. The parade is followed by an Islamic prayer session that the Agong will lead. After this, the Agong and a few honoured guests will have high tea and luncheon.

Agong’s Birthday