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Software Development Progresses Companies and Countries

How To Set Up a Software Development Business in Malaysia

When the fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia launched the Multimedia Super Corridor of Malaysia, he based it on his idea of turning the country into South East Asia’s Silicon Valley. That vision spurred the intense growth of information technology in the country. In the initial years, most ICT giants were invited to base themselves in Cyberjaya. More than twenty years onwards, Malaysia has plenty of software development companies. But now, the new enterprises are setting up shop all over the country. With attractive tax incentives, you too can set up a software development business in Malaysia.


Providing Progress

Software development is a fundamental aspect of computerization and automation. If you believe in optimizing the process and have the technical know-how, it could be a perfect business set up in Malaysia. Malaysia’s start-up business scene is thriving now than ever. In the hopes of digitalizing businesses, more enterprises need assistance to enhance their business processes. The situation is creating a plausible avenue for software development companies to provide necessary progress to start-ups. Since the Malaysian government is urging entrepreneurs of all kinds to get onto the digital economy bandwagon, software developers should also be ready for the influx of possible customers.


Education First

For some micro-enterprises, they have no clue how to become digitalized. Despite the urge to sell them regular software, be sure to learn all about their business needs. From then onwards, create a rapport as to what kind of software is sufficient for their business. Some mid-range entrepreneurs may have acquired software to optimize their business processes. But, they could have also been using the same software without many updates. They may know the business on the back of their hand. But software development companies have to educate how far software has advanced and its effect on business optimization. Before embarking on creating custom software for a specific enterprise, find out if there is a way to reduce cost by developing upon the current software. Custom software development is not for everyone, as they may find the price tag excessive. Thus, it becomes another reason to set up a software development business in Malaysia if you believe in educating entrepreneurs.


Software Development Company

Businesses continuously need to evolve with the change of the markets. With the Industry 4.0 being the buzzword among businesses, software development is imperative to business optimization and future success. To get things going, incorporate a company. Foreign software investors can start a private limited liability company where you can have total ownership. There are many grants and tax exemptions for software development businesses in Malaysia that you can utilize wherever necessary. If capital investment is limited, there is also the option to work in a co-working place. Be sure your business plan is ready so that you can strategize and foresee the future of your business.

How To Set Up a Software Development Business in Malaysia